Tutor Partnership Program

Why Choose Tuition King etutorial


Tuition King etutorial is an eLearning Education provider in Malaysia. We welcome  qualified tutors in specialised subjects to join our Tutor Partnership program.

As a Tutor Partner you allow to use our learning platform, brandname, facility like E-book , E library, learning apps or other technology products.Once accepted as a Tutor Partner , you will get Technical and business training as well as admin support. And your role as our Tutor partner you have to deliver the class according to our web teaching method and meet our standards.   

We shall conclude formal legal Tutor-Partnership contract with our Tutors but we place considerable important on the relationship between Tuition King and the Tutor- Partner. A relationship that is based on mutual trust and respect.

If you are one of the Tuition Teacher for the Primary, Secondary, IGCSE or Tutor for Cambridge English courses / IELTS or any foreign languages, you may consider to join our Tutor Partnership program.

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