Question 1

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

Dear Sir, I (1)______________(write) to you three weeks ago, (2)______________(ask) about conditions of entry into your college. You have (3)______________(reply), (4)______________(enclose) an enrolment form, which I (5)______________(fill up) and (6)______________(return) without delay. Since then, however, I(7)______________(hear) nothing and I (8)______________(begin)to wonder if my application (9)______________(go)astray.  Could you please (10)______________(check) that you (11)______________(receive) it and if you haven’t, please send me another enrolment form. If, on the other hand, you (12)______________ (receive) my application but (13)______________(not decide) whether to accept me as a student or not, I (14)______________(be) very grateful if you (15)______________(tell) me when I may expect to hear your decision. Finally, if my application already (16)______________(be) refused, I (17)______________(like) to be informed as soon as possible because if I do not get into your college I (18)______________(have) to apply to another and the sooner I (19)______________(do) this, the better chance I (20)______________(have) of being accepted.

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