Effective Business Writing Skills Course


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Course Content:

Module 1

Using Effective Language For Business Writing – I

  • The Basic Rules Of Writing Well: Accuracy, Brevity And Clarity
  • The Importance Of Appropriate Style And Tone
  • Parts Of Speech And Sentence Construction
  • Effective Use Of Paragraphs
  • Using Punctuation To Help Understanding


Module 2

Using Effective Language For Business Writing – II

  • Writing In The Active Voice And Passive Voice

The Common Grammatical Errors

  • The Importance Of Appropriate Style And Tone
  • Practical Exercises And Action Planning


Module 3

Writing To Communicate

  • Your Role In Writing And Editing
  • Conveying A Professional Image Of Yourself And Your Organization
  • Using Plain English


Module 4

Letter Writing

  • Using A Systematic Approach – Planning Writing And Editing
  • Adapting Style To Different Situations – Accepting And Refusing


  • Asking For And Giving Information, Getting Action
  • Starting And Ending Letters


Module 5

Composing Effective E-mail & Memos

  • Understanding The Format For Internal Memorandums
  • Writing Effective E-mails
  • Understanding E-mail Technology And Etiquette
  • Avoiding The Common Pitfalls Of Electronic Communication


Module 6

Effective Business Report Writing

  • Definition
  • Importance Of A Report
  • Types Of A Report
  • Principles Of Report Writing


Module 7

Report Layout, Planning And Visualizing

  • Business Report / Business Letter
  • Comparisons
  • Sample Reports
  • Planning A Report
  • Paragraphing Principles
  • Outlining A Report
  • Use Of Visual Impact
  • The Final Touches To Your Report


Module 8

Business Proposal

  • Organizing Proposal
  • Composing Proposal
  • Format and Length
  • Direct and Indirect Approach
  • Structuring And Choosing The Proper Degree Of Formality
  • Components of a Formal Proposal


Target Audience:

Supervisors, Executives and Managers who would like to understand and learn about communication and interpersonal skills at work.

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