Cambridge English A2 Key (KET) Programme


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SECTION A: READING & WRITING (Test: 1 hr 10 mins)


Reading (Part 1 to 5) : Reading Skills

Part 1: authentic signs and notices found in public places

(Testing: match 5 sentences to sign/notice)


Part 2: vocabulary knowledge

(Testing: gap fill – 6 sentences of 1 story line. Sentence 1, to complete and

Sentence 2 to 6, gap fill with options given)


Part 3: language of routine daily transactions

(Testing: MCQ with 3 options, complete dialogue with 8 options given)


Part 4: main ideas/details of larger texts (e.g. newspaper, magazines etc)

(Testing: MCQ with 3 options, TOI, insufficient information)


Part 5: Grammar-structure and in context

(Testing: gap fill in authentic texts with 3 options given)



Writing (Part 6 to 9): Basic Writing Skills

Part 6: vocabulary items

(Testing: to produce and spell 5 vocabulary items of same lexical area)


Part 7: vocabulary and grammar

(Testing: gap fill-text, notes, short letters, spelling)


Part 8: words and phrases

(Testing: information transfer task)


Part 9: short texts (25-35 words) , writing

(Testing: give response to texts, prompts given)






SECTION B: LISTENING (Test: 30 mins + 8 mins transfer time)


Listening (Part 1 to 5) : Listening Skills – recordings of dialogues and monologues in informal settings on daily topics


Part 1: short recordings

(Testing: match best of 3 pictures to recordings)


Part 2: recordings on public place, e.g. library

(Testing: gap fill )


Part 3: recordings of dialogue

(Testing: MCQ with 3 options)


Part 4: 5 recordings of dialogue

(Testing: 5 MCQ with 3 options)


Part 5: recordings of monologue

(Testing: tick right answer)



SECTION C: SPEAKING (Test: 8 to 10 mins)


Speaking (Part 1 to 5) : Speaking Skills – self and factorial non-personal information


Part 1: personal information – personal details, family, schools, food, hobbies

(Testing: Tell me about … OR What are your plans after school? )


Part 2: conversation with another person

(Testing: to start and carry on conversation with another candidate )





Grammar :


  1. Verbs (regular and irregular)
  2. Models (e.g. can, could, will, would…)
  3. Tenses (Present, past and future tense)
  4. Verb Forms (affirmative, interrogative, imperatives, gerunds, passive forms)
  5. Clause Types (main, co-ordinate and subordinate clauses)
  6. Nouns (singular, plural, countable, uncountable, abstract, noun phase)
  7. Pronouns (personal, impersonal, demonstrative, quantitative, indefinite, relative)
  8. Determiners (a, the)
  9. Adjectives (predicative, attributive, cardinal and ordinal, possessive, quantitative,

comparative and superlative)

  1. Adverbs (regular, irregular, manner, frequency, definite and indefinite time,

degree, place, direction, sequence)

  1. Prepositions (location, time, direction, instrument, prepositional phrases,

preposition preceding nouns and adjectives)

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